HVAC 101

HVAC 101

HVAC Repair & Services for Greensboro, NC

We hope to make this page useful information for you and help you understand common HVAC concepts. Dilligence Heating, Air Conditioning and Mechanical Solutions is a trusted leader with the highest level of certification in this industry. We want you to feel empowered by the following information so you can feel confident in your buying decisions.


The same type of forced air occurs during both the winter and summer months with a typical furnace. A fan forces air through the system. A variable speed fan in your furnace improves heating and cooling efficiency. If you are in need of a new furnace, getting a furnace with a speed fan provides you better comfort and indoor air quality control. Once indoor air is pulled to the HVAC system, the following steps may occur:
1) The air is filtered.
2) The air is cooled.
3) Mold is killed & coil efficiency is kept high.
4) Cooled air is sent back into the home.
5) Air is exchanged.

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HVAC Repair Greensboro, NC
HVAC Repair Greensboro, NC

Heat Pump Or Cooling Only System

In climates where air conditioning is virtually needed non-stop, a fan coil, which is a combination of an evaporator coil and the variable speed fan from the furnace, is replaced. This is for homes that primarily use a heat pump to heat and cool your home. In a residential home it is normally installed in the same space as a furnace or the evaporator coil.

This is how it works:
  1. Keeping cool in the summer: Everything works the same with a normal A/C unit. If your system has a heat pump and fan coil, then air conditioning performs with the same refrigerant and the same process, etc.
  2. Keeping warm in the winter: During the winter, the heat pump reverses the cooling process. Heat is extracted by the heat pump absorbing heat; it then heats the refrigerant and sends the heated refrigerant back inside to the fan coil where the coil then heats the air.
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